Build better music.

The DJ experience without the DJ.


The Social Playlist is designed to kill the DJ at events and allow you to crowdsource music live. 


Why should a DJ decide what music gets played? Vote live during events and have your say!


A party DJ can cost anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500 per hour. With savings of over 90%, there is truly something to party over! 


How does it work?

Event organizers can sign up and register on The Social Playlist app. From there, they create a bash and customize event settings. Once created, organizers are given a 5-digit bash code to share with attendees; attendees can use this code in the app to join the bash allowing them to vote, suggest, and view upcoming songs.


DJs can be awful. What if we could change that?

Let’s be honest. We have all been to a party/banquet/semi-formal with a horrible DJ. Why should you have to put up with that? The Social Playlist eliminates the DJ from the equation. With the Social Playlist, event organizers can set up a group where party members can request and vote on songs in live time. More votes = your song played. Curate your music for a better night of dancing.

Our philosophy

Crowdsource experiences. Build better nights.

We believe that no one should $2500+ on a DJ! The Social Playlist handles all the fuss of selecting songs and keeping the energy going. We can do it better. The Social Playlist creates that intimate experience and a substantially cheaper cost. We are the ultimate DJ killer.

Free for users forever.

We are committed to a free for users policy – Event attendees will never have to pay a cent to vote and request songs. Event organizers will pay a simple flat rate to set up their event and have the option of purchasing additional setting add ons. Even factoring in the cost of the service and a music streaming client, The Social Playlist is 900% cheaper than the average cost of a DJ for an event!

Starting at $99 CAD for Event Organizers per Event


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